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RTU class 4&5. Functional Build v.1.5.3 - Rich in Features
Опубликовано: 03 August 2010 13:52

Key features of the functional build are listed below:

1. Traffic Switch:
- H.264 video codec support, allowing basic video calls.
- Protocol SIP-T/I support for transit calls, opening new opportunities for interaction with PSTN.

2. Switch Class 4 (MVTS Pro):
- A set of new functionalities for better interoperability with RADIUS-servers, including possibility to customize RADIUS accounting packets.
- Additional settings for easier configuration of endpoints (gateways, soft phones).
- New flexible mechanism of codecs configuration.
- Interim CDRs mechanism, allowing user to preserve data on established calls in case of the System failures.

3. Switch Class 5:
- Three quality modes for faxes sending: Standard, Fine and Superfine.
- Restored “Televoting” functionality, allowing the use of telephone networks for conducting polls or surveys.
- ANI (automatic number identification), CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) and anonymous call rejection.
- SIP registration at external servers.

- And many more…

The complete list of new features and fixed issues you can find in the Release Notes accessible in the Downloads section.

Please submit a ticket to our Helpdesk, if you are interested in update to the new version. Our technical support engineers will be ready for installation of the build starting from Tuesday, August 10.

Please note that starting from v.1.5.3 all the products - RTU class 4, RTU class 5 and RTU class 4&5 - will be released as a single installation package, within the same release.

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