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RTU class 5 - release 1.5. Enhanced set of value added services
Опубликовано: 18 February 2010 15:08

New functionalities:

1) New powerful and scalable Traffic Switch, featuring

   • High performance, due to load balancing between peer servers

   • Multi-server solutions, ensuring the System redundancy

   • Full usage of the server’s processing power.

2) SS7 protocol support (ISUP-R and MGCP), providing connectivity to PSTN via a variety of gateways (for Russia only). Full-scale support of the Calling Party’s Category (ISUP and ISUP-R list).

3) Video codecs H.261 and H.263 for video calls over SIP.

4) SIP REFER method for call forwarding by means of user endpoints.

5) New IVR service for subscribers - flexible mechanism of incoming call processing, with configurable interactive voice response.

6) SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY mechanism for the Busy Line Field (BLF). BLF allows monitoring of the subscriber’s status and pick up of calls to the monitored subscriber.

7) Creation of multiple Operator accounts, authorized to create/edit/delete user accounts and voice mailboxes, and view user CDRs.

8) New web interface that allows:

   • Column sorting in all key tables

   • Group editing of data in user/gateway accounts and routing table rules

   • Faster processing of large tables

   • Configurable priorities of codecs and routes

   • Assigning groups of audio- and video codecs to users/gateways

   • Display of CDRs in the user web interface.

Other important differences from MERA IP Centrex v.1.3:

1) RTU class 5 v.1.5 works only under OS Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (lenny). Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are no longer supported.

2) The Voice to Email service is merged into the Voice Mail service. As of now, voicemail files are delivered to voice mailboxes with the help of the Voice Mail service.

3) The Ad-sponsored Calls, Call Queue and Televoting services are temporarily not available in v.1.5.

Free upgrades from MERA IP Centrex v.1.3 to RTU class 5 v.1.5 for our customers will start in March. More detailed description of the new version and SW update terms will be provided later, in a special report. Please visit Downloads and Knowledgebase sections at our Helpdesk for additional information.

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