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MVTS Pro 1.5: A switch to new level
Опубликовано: 18 November 2009 17:30

The new, optimized architecture of the switching subsystem ensures a 70-80% increase in the System’s productivity. A typical CPU 4 x 2.33GHz, RAM 3Gb server can now process up to 3.500 simultaneous calls with media proxying and up to 14,000 calls without multimedia handling. Still greater gain in the System’s capacity can be achieved through the use of more powerful servers or server clusters.

MVTS Pro is the first MERA’s solution that allows connectivity with SS7 PSTN networks by means of M3UA, ISUP and MGCP gateways and enables basic calls, transmission of faxes and DTMF. Currently the System supports the Russian modification of the ISUP protocol (ISUP-R) only, but work on other national standards is already under way.

Another important feature is the support of H.261, H.263 and H.264 video codecs. MVTS Pro allows video calls over SIP and H.323 both with and without transfer of media.

All in all MVTS Pro v.1.5 comes with more than 10 significant improvements. For detailed information, please refer to the Release Notes available at the Downloads section.

If you wish to update your System to version 1.5 or switch from MVTS I to MVTS Pro, please contact your sales manager or send your request to sales@mera-systems.com.

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