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MERA Systems launches MVTS I to MVTS Pro Transition Program
Опубликовано: 01 June 2009 18:43

Introduced a year ago, MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch Pro, a next generation of the award-winning MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch I, has already gained popularity among VoIP operators. The new product meets the up-to-date requirements of VoIP carriers allowing them to operate to the utmost of their capability. It was an impetus for MERA Systems to launch MVTS I to MVTS Pro Transition Program, a new program especially designed for its existing customers. The main goal of the program is to provide customers with the opportunity to enhance their business via an easy and straight-forward transition from MVTS I to MVTS Pro, a more functional and scalable product, that inherited the best features of a well-known MVTS I – ability to provide smooth equipment and networks interconnection, business-critical reliability and easy system management.

Resembling much of the MVTS I features, MVTS Pro comprises revolutionary new capabilities of VoIP softswitch that give customers the highest capability and scalability. MVTS Pro key benefits include an ultra-high capacity with CPS up to 1000 per traffic entry point combined with distributed architecture, geographic redundancy and dynamic distribution of traffic load which adds to the system’s efficiency and ensures top-level fault-tolerance.

Among competitive edges of MVTS Pro is also a native support of SIP, H.323, SIGTRAN/MGCP/ISUP-R and codec conversion. It should be mentioned that the similar routing concepts of MVTS I and MVTS Pro eases the process of transition for existing customers since they will be able to keep the significant part of MVTS I configuration, especially in respect of routing schemes.

MERA Systems will offer special pricing quotations for those customers who join the program before August 1, 2009. Also in pursuit of try&buy policy, customers will have a possibility to fully understand and appreciate any product of the company before making any transition decision. Therefore, the companies-participants of the program will be provided with a fully functional trial of MVTS Pro including free guidance and technical support for the test period.

For additional information about MERA Systems and MVTS I to MVTS Pro Transition Program, please visit our website at www.mera-systems.com or address your sales representative at sales@mera-systems.com.

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