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MERA IP Centrex v.1.3.2 Functional Build. New Opportunities for Operators
Опубликовано: 25 February 2009 14:51

To provide closer control over active calls we changed the design of the Monitor page. Information about every call party is now displayed on a separate line in the format “Call leg direction/User name (number)”. The page displays now the total number of active calls and allows forced call disconnection. The Filter panel enables data sorting by domains, call time, names and numbers of the call parties.

When configuring the Fax to Email service, administrator can now fill in the table of matches between user phone numbers and email addresses. This feature allows creation of a single service and routing rule for a group of subscribers.

The new Chat Room settings allow on-line monitoring of the attendees (name/phone number) and enable removal of users from the conference. Attendees can now be invited to the Chat Room by means of the web interface or with the help of Call Transfer.

As of now the System supports the ARM codec, the Calling Card platform comprises PIN code authorization by the RADIUS-servers, and the Group Call service allows phone calls through certain ports of the FXO-gateways.

For subscribers’ convenience a new functionality was added to the System services. The Alarm Clock service now allows configuring a call to a pre-set phone number (not necessarily the user extension), as well as setting an alarm clock for only one call. Voice to Email now enables the usage of templates for the subject field and the text of email messages. The settings of the Call Back service now allow configuring the number of dialing attempts and the interval between them.

MERA IP Centrex v.1.3.2 includes about twenty modifications. For more information about the new features please refer to the Release Notes available in the Downloads section.

Please submit a ticket to our Helpdesk to schedule the software update. Our technical support engineers will be ready for installation of the build starting from Monday, March 2.

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