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New release of MVTS Pro v.1.2.0
Опубликовано: 31 October 2008 19:42

The new release is enhanced with additional call management capabilities. In particular, the operator may create a routing policy that allows to take into account quality of the route (ASR or PDD, for example). The possibility to route calls based on time of day and day of week criteria that allows to choose the cheapest route is also added.

The new release introduces a concept of Default Gateway that enables subscribers that are listed on external billing systems to register to the MVTS Pro softswitch. A uniform authorization record allows to avoid duplicating the customer information. Another introduction in interaction with billing system is a possibility to choose the packets, sent to the RADIUS server. The mechanism of sending the packets pertaining to only one of call legs (incoming or outgoing) or both is provided.

The possibility of SIP traffic balancing without redirection is implemented as some equipment is unable to correctly process response “302 REDIRECT”. A possibility to select a method of drawing up endpoint codec lists in keeping with the current media proxying mode is also added. It allows to reduce the number of calls with codec conversion and, as a result, to opti-mize the system resources utilization.

New parameters of statistic reports settings are introduced. The possibility to group records in statistic reports by a certain criterion or a group of criteria (e.g. gateway, dial peer, discon-nects reason code) is added. The graphic display of information is entered for visualization of system performance. For example, it becomes possible to track changes in statistical parame-ters of a certain gateway or dial peer.

MVTS Pro v.1.2.0 includes about 15 modifications and 30 fixed bugs. For more information about the release see Release Notes in the Downloads section.

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