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New release of MERA IP Centrex v.1.2.0
Опубликовано: 10 June 2008 14:18

The main innovation in version 1.2.0 is a voice mail service. It allows subscribers to receive, record and store voice messages in a personal voice mail box. If a subscriber can not answer the call, the incoming message may be recorded and an email notification can be sent to the called party. The subscribers can also manage voice mail messages: listen, save, and delete via WEB interface or IVR using their phones.

MERA IP Centrex v.1.2.0 includes automatic media proxy capability when at least one of the user's endpoints is behind a NAT router. This new functionality ensures end-to-end connectivity to corporate and private user terminal equipment sitting behind NAT routers. New fields, including IP addresses of endpoint devices and disconnect codes, are now displayed in the CDRs for more convenient analysis of the terminated calls.

A number of issues fixed in the new version of MERA IP Centrex include:
- Sending of the authorization packets to the RADIUS-server when the "Call Transfer" function is in use, which resulted in the wrong billing before.
- Failure of the “Three-party conference” function for subscribers, whose call was “unparked”.

For more detailed description of MERA IP Centrex capabilities available in the new release and the list of issues fixed in v.1.2.0, please, refer to the Release Notes in the "Download"section. If you are interested in upgrading to the new MERA IP Centrex v.1.2.0, please submit a ticket at MERA Helpdesk. Companies, wishing to purchase the product, please address MERA sales managers assigned to your region or send your request at sales@mera-systems.com.

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