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New release of MERA IP Centrex v.1.3. New opportunities for subscribers
Опубликовано: 17 September 2008 21:00

One of the key innovations in version 1.3 is a Calling Card service. This service grants access to the System functions and services for users having no user accounts configured in the System. It is provided with the help of prepaid calling cards containing the access phone number and a PIN code. The service opens up the possibility for operators to work with PSTN users.

MERA IP Centrex v.1.3 includes a Call Back service. The Call Back service is designed to reduce costs for outgoing long-distance phone calls. The System makes two phone calls – first to the calling party number and then to the called party number – and connects them. Thus for both parties the call becomes incoming, which allows to avoid additional charges of a third party carrier (for example, in roaming).

A set of new services is provided for subscribers’ convenience. Particularly, a Query Services List provides information on the services of the System, available for a specific user. A possibility to record voice messages with the help of a phone set is also available in this version; the messages can be used for Auto Attendant service, for instance. If necessary, the user can record the phone conversation he is engaged in.

MERA IP Centrex v.1.3 includes seven new services and about ten additional modifications. For more information about the innovations, please refer to Release Notes document in the Downloads section.

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