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RTU class 4&5 and MVTS Pro. Pre-release 1.6.0-10
Опубликовано: 31 March 2011 17:58
Key features of the build 1.6.0:

Traffic Switch
- Support of G.726 codec.
- Improved mechanism for identifying codecs arriving in SDP.
- Some configuration parameters of the SS7 Call Agent node may now be changed without node restart and tearing of active calls.

Class 4 (MVTS Pro)
- Now it is possible to stop dispatch of Accounting STOP packets to the RADIUS server for the incoming call leg.
- CDR records now show information on late and lost media packets.
- The network zone, from where the call arrives, is now taken into account during call simulation for IP calls.

RTU Class 5
- “Dial Me” command in the IVR service.
- API-aided fax sending under the subscriber's account.
- The tab “Prompts for Disconnect Codes” enables audible comments for different disconnect reason codes.
- Putting the other party on hold by pressing the HOLD button on the telephone set launches playback of the Music on Hold.

More detailed description of these and other new features can be found in Release Notes 1.6.0-10 available at our Helpdesk ('
Downloads' section).
Our technical support engineers will be ready for installation of the pre-release starting from Monday, April 04. Please submit an update request to the Technical Support department if you are interested in testing of the new version. Testing of the pre-release will continue till the middle of May, when the official functional build 1.6.0-20 will be released.

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